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Orthopaedic Associates of Michigan Student Observers and Externs Program

Orthopaedic Associates of Michigan Student Observers and Externs program is open to students enrolled in an accredited school with a signed medical major. It is a summer externship of job shadowing opportunity for students to get hands-on experience in the medical field.

Applicants must be at least a sophomore or in their final stages of completion/graduating. Summer externships are available in the areas of: •Physical Therapy •Occupational Therapy •Athletic Training •Medical Assisting •Check-in/out •Billing/Coding •Human Resources •Information Technology •Pre-arrival Intake.

Brigham and Women’s Hospital Dentistry Observership

Brigham and Women’s Hospital Dentistry Observership is open to students enrolled in a dental school program, and resident or fellow in an oral medicine program or residency with heavy focus on oral medicine.

The purpose of the program is to provide educational experiences in a closely supervised, safe environment. The observership is 1-2 weeks in length.

NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center Dental Programs

NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center has four American Dental Association-accredited post-graduate programs for dental students who have graduated of an American Dental Association or Canadian Dental Association accredited school.

The residencies are in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and General Dentistry.

Dentalxp’s Online Implant Externship Certificate Program

Dentalxp’s Online Implant Externship Certificate Program is an advanced teaching program in dentistry. The program is designed to teach surgical and restorative implant dentistry that leads to a certificate.

Students who complete the externship program will receive a Certificate of Completion, and Continuing Education Credit. Externs will receive training in areas that include bone augmentation and grafting, implant prosthetics, soft tissue enhancement, sinus augmentation, and extraction site management.

Friendship Hospital Veterinary Externship

Friendship Hospital Veterinary Externship is an opportunity for veterinary students to learn more about their field in a high-quality clinic. The rotating externship provides observational opportunities in Primary Care, Urgent Care and Specialty Services.

Externs shadow specialists in various departments, such as Neurology, Specialty Surgery, Internal Medicine, Diagnostic Imaging, Anesthesia and others. Although no direct patient care is included, externs will learn much by shadowing specialists.

Pacific Dental Services Externship

Pacific Dental Services Externship is open to any dental assistant currently attending an ADA-accredited school. This is an opportunity for dental students to get hands-on experience under the direct supervision of highly-qualified dentists and hygienists.

Candidates should be proficient in coronal polishing and sealant placement; patient counseling, including postoperative care and general oral health; understanding of evidence based dentistry; and have excellent communication skills.

Cima Hospice Externships

Cima Hospice Externships are offered to students who are interested in pursuing careers within the healthcare field. Externship opportunities are available for San Antonio Texas College students on campus and online.

Externships offer a rich, volunteer experience and a great educational opportunity for students. Externs will be able to work with Social Workers, Chaplains, RNs, LVNs, CNAs, and medical administrative staff in providing compassionate end-of-life care for over 300 patients in the San Antonio, Texas area.

InovaTrauma Acute Care Surgery Externship

InovaTrauma Acute Care Surgery Externship is for pre-professional students considering careers in medicine. Externships provide a full-time, two-week commitment where students will gain insight and experience within the area of trauma care.

The application deadline is usually at the end of January, and the externship runs for about two weeks beginning in June. Although unpaid, the program is designed to give students an in-depth view of a career in trauma care. Externs will learn first-hand by interacting directly with trauma surgeons and will be present during daily rounds, patient assessments, emergency resuscitation and surgical procedures.

North Shore-LIJ Health System Psychology Externships

North Shore-LIJ Health System Psychology Externships are offered to students enrolled in doctoral graduate psychology studies or for those who have completed their doctoral studies. The externships are part-time, unpaid positions.

Up to 35 students are chosen every year to participate in externships in clinical psychology at Long Island Jewish Medical Center and Zucker Hillside Hospital in New York. Externships are 12 months long and focus on clinical and research activities. Several different externships are available. They may focus on adult psychology, child and adolescent psychology, trauma psychology and others.

Kaplan College Dallas Physical Therapist Externships

Kaplan College Dallas currently has four externship opportunities for students in the area of Physical Therapy. Each of the four externships are designed to provide students with practical on-the-job clinical experience that will give them an opportunity to use their classroom knowledge in a real, professional environment.

Externships vary in levels and include Assistant Clinical I, II and III, and Assistant Final Clinical Practicum. Assistant Clinical I, II and III require students to complete a 90-hour clinical at an affiliate site that provides physical therapy services. Assistant Final Clinical Practicum requires a 360-hour clinical.

Indian Health Service Extern Program

Indian Health Service Extern Program offers paid externships for college students preparing for careers in the health profession. Priority is given to health profession students who are American Indian or Alaska Native. 

The externship includes a salary that is based on each student's experience and level of training. Eligible students must be pursuing a degree in the health care industry and have a grade point average of 2.0 or above.

Indian Health Service Externship

Indian Health Service Externship offers a professional work experience for dental students. The externship includes excellent pay and benefits.

Externs will work in the Indian Health Service (IHS) Division of Oral Health (DOH), or at a specific IHS or Tribal site. State-of-the-art facilities offer dental students an opportunity to work with real patients and also pursue career opportunities in the field of dentistry.

Jacobi Medical Center Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Externships

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Externships are offered to current medical students and take place at Jacobi Medical Center in the Bronx, NY, and Beth Israel Medical Center in New York, New York. Eligible students must be attending accredited dental or medical schools in the United States or Canada.

Students with prior clinical experience will receive hands-on work, including working directly with patients and serving as dental assistants. Students without experience may observe. Both provide a unique learning experience for students.

Medical Student Summer Clinical Externship (MSSCE)

Medical Student Summer Clinical Externship (MSSCE) is for medical students who want a clinical work experience in the field of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (PM&R). The externship gives students an opportunity to explore a wide range of inpatient and outpatient clinical areas of patient care.

The externship is eight weeks in length. Applicants must be currently attending American allopathic and osteopathic medical schools. Each extern will have a mentor who is a clinician-educator. Only one or two students per site are chosen for an externship.

Children's National Health System Externship Training Programs

Children's National Health System Externship Training Programs offer clinical externships for medical students in various areas of childhood treatment. Externship opportunities are available in autism, neuropsychology and psychology.

The externships are for students who are in their third year of medical school or beyond, who have completed their assessment coursework, and who have had prior externship experience with testing, and direct clinical experience with children. Externs will participate in doing testing, evaluating test results, forming diagnoses, and providing feedback to parents. The on-the-job training will prepare students for careers in autism, neuropsychology and psychology in treating children.

New Jersey Veterinary Medical Association Externships

New Jersey Veterinary Medical Association (NJVMA) Externships are offered during the summer for veterinary students in New Jersey. The program includes a stipend and externship opportunities for up to ten students each year.

Externs will work with experienced veterinarians and receive supervision as well as training and hands-on experience. Students interested in applying for the program must be in good standing on their clinical rotations. Externs must be sponsored by a NJVMA member veterinarian.

Fairfield Equine Externships

Fairfield Equine Externships are available to senior veterinary students with a strong interest in equine practice. Students must be planning a career in private practice in the performance horse industry.

Interested students must be senior veterinary students in their clinical year of study at veterinary school. The externship lasts 2-4 weeks and is generally offered during the months of April through November.

Mayo Clinic Externships

Mayo Clinic Externships are available to current college students as well as recent graduates who want an opportunity to gain more experience in a health care environment. Externships are offered within several different disciplines.

Whether students are looking for experience in the field of medicine, providing software and technology support, or developing health and other programs for the clinic, they are sure to find an experience that will enrich their classroom learning.

Respiratory Externship Program

Respiratory Externship Program is open to students currently enrolled in an accredited program and working towards a degree in professional respiratory care. The externship program provides students with skills, knowledge and experience in pediatric respiratory care.

The externship program requires students to have a grade point average of 3.4 or above and be in their junior year of college. The extern program also requires students to work one clinical shift a week after they have completed the didactic portion of their respiratory program.

Geisinger Health System Externship Opportunities

Geisinger Health System offers unpaid non-clinical externship opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students interested in careers within the health care industry. The externships are offered in many areas of study.

Externships give students an opportunity to observe and learn more about career occupations in the health care system. The positions are unpaid; students may receive college credit for completing externships. A grade point average of 2.5 or 3.0 is required, depending on the position. Each position will also have its own skills and course level requirements.