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Institute of Culinary Education Externships

Institute of Culinary Education (ICE) Externships offer in-field work experiences for students pursuing careers in the culinary or hospitality management fields. Students may choose an externship to fit their career objectives.

Students have many opportunities to choose an exciting environment where they will learn from experienced professionals. Students interested in careers in the culinary arts, baking and pastry may select from some of the finest restaurants in various cities such as New York, California, Washington D.C., Miami, New Orleans and more.

American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) Student Externship Stipend Program

American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) Student Externship Stipend Program provides work experience for veterinary students along with a stipend. The externship program gives students an opportunity to use their classroom knowledge in the field while finishing their degree.

This externship focuses on providing veterinary services in under-served areas. Externs will work within the dairy, beef, swine and poultry areas or other food supply veterinary practice settings. A stipend is included to help students defray any externship expenses.

University of San Diego School of Law Agency Externship Program

University of San Diego School of Law Agency Externship Program is available to law students who want to gain law-related experience while still in college. The externship is offered during the summer and is for credit only.

Students may choose a number of externships outside southern California. Externships are available throughout the U.S. and international in government agencies or nonprofit organizations. Each extern will be supervised throughout the externship by an attorney at the sponsoring location.

American Association of Zoo Veterinarians Externships

American Association of Zoo Veterinarians Externships are available to college students majoring in veterinary medicine and pursuing careers in zoo veterinary services. Externships are for experience and positions are available across the U.S. and international.

Positions include student veterinarians interested in wildlife, primates, marine biology, aquarium and other zoo areas at zoo locations or universities. In addition to the U.S., students may apply for externships in Canada, Australia, South Africa, and Belize.

Rutgers New Jersey Medical School Externships

Rutgers New Jersey Medical School Externships are available to third- and fourth-year medical students. The externship program gives medical students an opportunity to take their elective courses at other medical institutions, or at a hospital located outside the U.S. Externships are an excellent way for students to apply their classroom knowledge in a hands-on medical setting.

Washington College Externships

Washington College Externships are open to freshman and sophomore students at Washington College in Chesterland, Maryland. It is a one- to three-day work shadowing experience that allows students to explore different career fields.

Unpaid externships are offered every year during Spring break to college freshman and sophomores in many different fields of interest. It can be in art, theater, business, marketing, finance, journalism, public relations, transportation, education, health, government, social services and more. Externships are located in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Washington, D.C.

Cumberland School of Law Externships

Cumberland School of Law Externships offer law students an excellent opportunity to gain an inside view into the practice of law and earn college credit at the same time. Externships are unpaid and available to students in their second or third year of law school.

As an extern, students will work with experienced attorneys outside the classroom in areas such as judges chambers, corporate legal departments, government agencies and non-profit organizations. Externships are offered during the Fall, Spring and Summer semesters.

Veterinary Internships

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) provides an online resource for veterinary-related internships for students pursuing a career in veterinary medicine.

The AMVA Veterinary Career Center posts openings daily for
veterinary internship positions, as well as positions for associate veterinarians and full-time veterinarians across the country. Students interested in an internship position may search by zip code or key word to find an internship position in their location and field of interest.

Gonzaga Law Externship Program

Students who have completed their first year of law school at Gonzaga University School of Law may apply for the Gonzaga Law Externship Program. The program gives law students practical experience external to the classroom.

Externships are unpaid work-for-experience opportunities that allow law students to not only gain insight to the workings of the legal system but receive college credit at the same time. Students can earn up to 15 credits for their externship experience. The guideline is one credit hour for every 60 hours of work.

University of Virginia School of Law Externships

The University of Virginia School of Law offers part-time and full-time externship opportunities for students in their second or third year of law school. Externship positions are available at a government office or agency or a Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit organization.

Local, part-time externships are for students who can work 10 hours per week at a local organization. It also requires reading and writing assignments and gives students experience plus three academic credits. Full-time externships are also available and can be local, national or even international. Full-time externship students work 40 hours per week and receive 12 college credits.

MIT Student/Alumni Externship Program

College students enrolled at MIT have an opportunity to explore their career and gain experience in their field through the Student/Alumni Externship Program. Externship positions are available in several states and internationally.

Every year during MIT's Independent Activities Period in January, students may apply for an externship at an alumni's place of business. The externship may last anywhere from one to four weeks. Over 300 undergraduate and graduate students participate in externships every year. The externships can take place at companies, start-ups, labs, and universities across the U.S. and international locations.