American Medical Clinicals (AMC) Internal Medicine Externship Program

American Medical Clinicals (AMC) Internal Medicine Externship Program is open to ECFMG certified graduate doctors. The externships are offered at The Internal Medicine Department at Providence Hospital in Washington, DC.

Throughout the externship, externs will gain experience through four inpatient rotations, including in-patient medical floor, intensive care unit (ICU), coronary/cardiac care unit (CCU) and night float. They will have 3 months of hands-on, in-patient experience, do morning reports, grand rounds and teaching rounds, and noon conferences.

About 75 percent of residents are chosen from the Externship Program to fill 7 Internal Medicine residency slots at Providence Hospital. Applicants are encouraged to apply soon.

 AMC gives medical students an opportunity to reach their goal of practicing medicine through hands-on experience at a healthcare system. American Medical Clinicals has affiliations with physicians and hospitals in more than eight states across the U.S. and in international countries.


The location is usually in D.C.

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