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Foreign Medical Graduate U.S. Externships

Foreign Medical Graduate (FMG) U.S. Externships offer foreign medical students a hands-on clinical program that matches residency program requirements. It fills the experience requirement for students when they apply for a residency.

The externship is different than just observing. Externships provide real, hands-on work experience for medical students. Externs will work with an attending physician and perform clinical duties such as assessing patient histories and performing physical examinations. All extern duties are done at a hospital under the supervision of a U.S. licensed attending physician.

Association of Shelter Veterinarians Externships

Association of Shelter Veterinarians Externships offer veterinary students an opportunity to find out more about practicing veterinary medicine in a shelter environment. Opportunities are available throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Veterinary students interested in gaining first-hand experience in shelter medicine are encouraged to apply. By observing experienced shelter veterinarians, students will gain valuable clinical experience and exposure to career options in shelter veterinarian medical practice.

York Technical College Summer Externship for Educators

York Technical College Summer Externship for Educators is a unique externship for teachers only. The externship is offered every summer for educators to help them stay current with career opportunities for students.

The externship is offered by York Technical College in Rock Hill, South Carolina. Educators who are accepted into the program spend ten days with a local employer and take that experience back to the classroom. This enables students to learn what careers are available, and how much education and training they will need to enter that career field.

Charleston School of Law Externship Program

The Charleston School of Law offers an opportunity for college law students to work in a legal setting and gain career experience outside the classroom. The externship program is designed for students to gain practical experience in a variety of legal professions and earn college credit at the same time.

Students who have completed their first year of law school and are in good academic standing may apply. They begin by taking the Externship Course. They may then apply for an externship position. Students may work in a variety of positions throughout the community in a legal capacity. Examples include South Carolina Supreme Court, Charleston County Public Defender's Office, U.S. Attorney's Office, U.S. District Court, City of Charleston Housing Authority, and many more.