Cholla Medical Group Externship

Cholla Medical Group Externship
Cholla Medical Group, Inc. is proud to announce five (5) Externship positions through our medical practice. A unique opportunity for medical Doctors introducing skills and experiences necessary to succeed in the challenging health care environment of tomorrow. This is a program that is designed to prepare medical doctors for residency by providing the opportunity to have hands on experience up to twelve months. Our practice will introduce those selected to accompany Family Medicine physicians, and/or residents, on their rounds. A full introduction to the ever-expanding geriatric care will include exposure to additional learning experiences in innovative procedures and practices in Assisted Living Facilities.

In addition to a unique clinical experience combined with a look at fulfilling medical residency, Cholla Medical Group, Inc. will provide transportation to and from the experience and lodging at a discounted price, and a well-crafted reference letter to the Residency Board. While designed as a twelve-month program, duration can vary and benefits are prorated accordingly.

Phoenix, Arizona. Immediate Opportunity

Contact us with the following documents 4 weeks prior to your start date:
* Valid U.S visa status if not a U.S citizen
* Resume

Resume submitted through:

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Course Number: CMG-201516

Title: Family/Internal Medicine Practice Externship

Instructor: Dr. Murali Talluri, M.D-Chief Medical Officer

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Duration: 6-12 Months

Course Offered: Year-round

Externships provide real, hands-on work experience for medical students. Externs will work with an attending physician and perform clinical duties such as assessing patient histories and performing physical examinations. Provide clinical care and documentation of patients. The student participates in the scheduled weekly staff meetings offered by Cholla Medical Group Practice for round table discussions. Externships are a minimum of 6 months, preferably 12 months in length. At the end of each Externship period, student will receive a well-crafted professional letter of recommendation for their residency.

Instructional Methodology:
Patient Contact
Patient Load: 10-12 per day


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