St. John Medical Center Nurse Externship Program

St. John Medical Center Nurse Externship Program
St. John Medical Center Nurse Externship Program is for nursing students who are just two semesters away from graduation. Senior-level nursing students may apply.

To be eligible, students must have a grade point average of 3.0 or above. They must also be able to work the required number of hours during the semester. The externship places nursing students in real work environments where they can apply their classroom learning in a hospital setting working with real patients.

Interested nursing students may apply online. In addition to a completed applications, students must include a college transcript and an essay explaining why they chose nursing as a career.

The externship program is offered by the St. John Medical Center. The Tulsa, Oklahoma health center specializes in cardiovascular, orthopedic, palliative, and stroke care. They are also known as a leading hospital in neurosurgery, oncology, surgical services, bariatrics, radiology, urology and women's health. The externship program provides an important training program for future professionals in the field of nursing.

The location is usually in OKLAHOMA.

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