Veterinary Internships

American Veterinary Medical Association Internships and Jobs
The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) provides an online resource for veterinary-related internships for students pursuing a career in veterinary medicine.

The AMVA Veterinary Career Center posts openings daily for
veterinary internship positions, as well as positions for associate veterinarians and full-time veterinarians across the country. Students interested in an internship position may search by zip code or key word to find an internship position in their location and field of interest.

Some internships may be with veterinarian hospitals, while others may be within a private practice environment. The web site search will result in information on location, salary, internship function and duration, and a description of the facility sponsoring the internship. It may even define specific type of animals, such as felines, canines, large or small animals.

New openings are posted regularly, so students should check the website for openings, number of interns being hired, application instructions, and deadlines for applying.

The location VARIES.

To apply for an internship, visit:

To apply for a job, visit:


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