Virginia Tech Externships

Virginia Tech Externships
Students attending Virginia Tech have an opportunity to experience their career choice through the Virginia Tech Externship Program. Students can major in any academic field and qualify for an externship position.

The externships are unpaid and give students a chance to clarify their career goals, work with professionals in their field, ask questions and learn more about their profession. Students have a choice of working during the summer at a workplace close to their home, during school breaks, during the summer or during semesters at school.

Students interested in the externship program may attend an externship information session on campus to find out what is required for the externship program and how to apply. Information sessions are scheduled during Fall and Spring semesters.

The externship program began in 2004. The university established the program to help students experience professional work environments external to the university and gain hands-on experience in their career field.

The location is usually in VIRGINIA.

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