American Association of Zoo Veterinarians Externships

American Association of Zoo Veterinarians Externships and Jobs
American Association of Zoo Veterinarians Externships are available to college students majoring in veterinary medicine and pursuing careers in zoo veterinary services. Externships are for experience and positions are available across the U.S. and international.

Positions include student veterinarians interested in wildlife, primates, marine biology, aquarium and other zoo areas at zoo locations or universities. In addition to the U.S., students may apply for externships in Canada, Australia, South Africa, and Belize.

Externships are unpaid and last from two weeks up to 8 weeks. Students receive hands-on experience in various aspects of veterinary medicine. It could include participating in physical exams, routine care of animals, medical research, and other activities.

To apply, students must submit a cover letter, description of college courses, two letters of reference, and veterinary school transcripts. Each position varies as to duration, class rank, and class status. Students must be able to commit to the time period necessary to complete an internship.

Externships are sponsored by the American Association of Zoo Veterinarians, a Florida-based professional association dedicated to improving and protecting wildlife through education, scientific study and working with other health organizations. The purpose of the externships is to help veterinary students increase their knowledge of zoo and wildlife medicine outside the classroom.

The location VARIES.

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