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Bucknell Externships

Bucknell Externships
Bucknell Externships give students an opportunity to observe professionals in their field of study to gain insight into their careers. Students in all disciplines may choose an externship that fits their career focus.

The externships are designed to give students two days at a sponsor location to shadow their day-to-day activities and gain a better understanding of the company and industry. The early career exposure helps students to better define their career choices.

In addition to observing, externs will make valuable contacts with professionals in their chosen field which can increase their opportunities for internships and future employment. Externships are offered in many different areas, including health, education, finance, communications, law, journalism, theater, technology and more.

Bucknell University is located in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. Students interested in an externship may apply through the college's Career Services office.

The location is usually in PENNSYLVANIA.

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