Washington College Externships

Washington College Externships and Jobs
Washington College Externships are open to freshman and sophomore students at Washington College in Chesterland, Maryland. It is a one- to three-day work shadowing experience that allows students to explore different career fields.

Unpaid externships are offered every year during Spring break to college freshman and sophomores in many different fields of interest. It can be in art, theater, business, marketing, finance, journalism, public relations, transportation, education, health, government, social services and more. Externships are located in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Washington, D.C.

The externships are not eligible for academic credit, but they are recorded by the registrar’s office as part of a student’s 4 year experiential learning plan, and students can add them to their resume as work experience. Students must be in good academic standing in order to apply with at least a B average.

During the externship, externs will meet other experienced professionals in their field, tour company facilities, and learn more about the company as well as the skills they will need to become successful in their careers. At the end of each externship, students will be required to write a 300-word essay that summarizes their experience and the benefits they received from participation in the externship program.

The location VARIES.

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