Cornell University Externship Program

Cornell University Externship Program
Cornell University Externship Program is open to college sophomores, juniors and seniors during the winter semester. Externships offer experiential work shadowing opportunities in a wide variety of career fields.

The externship allows students to visit Cornell alumni in their work environments, and they can last anywhere from one day to one week. This allows students to observe a particular career field in order to better define their career choices. Sophomores, juniors and seniors from all undergraduate colleges may apply for an externship at Cornell.

Externships can include shadowing a sponsoring alumni through a typical day. It may include an opportunity to interview colleagues, tour the facilities, and may even include participation in a small project. Students are responsible for making all their travel and accommodation arrangements. After being accepted for an internship, students will be required to attend orientation meetings to prepare for their externship.

What's the difference between internships and externships?

Externships are unpaid career observation opportunities that give short-term views to students into their chosen professions. They are available at locations around the globe and generally are offered during the month of January.

The location VARIES.

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