University of Minnesota Law School Corporate Externships

University of Minnesota Law School Corporate Externships
University of Minnesota Law School Corporate Externships are offered to law students interested in work experience within corporate legal departments. Eligible students are those who have completed their second year of law school.

The externships are offered every summer over an 8-week period. Students need to complete the required courses before applying. Externships are unpaid, but externs receive up to 3 credits for completing an externship.

Positions are available in a wide variety of participating businesses. They include banks, financial institutions, retail companies, non-profit organizations and health services organizations. The externships are designed to give students experience in law within a business setting. The positions are located in major corporations within the Minneapolis metropolitan area.

Students must agree to work 150 hours at their sponsoring company. In addition, externs will be required to attend workshops on campus and complete a writing assignment about their experience as an extern.

What's the difference between internships and externships?

The location is usually in MINNESOTA.

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