William Mitchell Externships

William Mitchell Externships
William Mitchell Externships are designed to help law students gain valuable experience in their field. After completing required courses, students are placed in the field to learn about the practice of law.

Externs receive hands-on learning experience under the supervision of both a faculty member as well as the field supervisor. Externships include Independent Externships and Independent Judicial Externships. The externships are for college credit. Classroom-based externships are also offered that include classes on analytical topics of the law. Classroom externships are supervised by a professor.

During law school, students are permitted to take up to four independent externship credits and four independent judicial externships. The externships are offered by William Mitchell's Legal Practice Center. The Center works to provide legal students an opportunity to use their classroom skills in the field and provides legal services to clients who may not be able to find legal representation.

Why not apply for an externship and internship?

Externs are able to gain legal experience and provide a service to the public, under the supervision of experienced supervisors. The Legal Practice Center is an integral part of William Mitchell College of Law. The college is located in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

The location is usually in MINNESOTA.

For more details, visit web.wmitchell.edu/legal-practice-center/externships/


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