Columbus Culinary Institute Externships

Columbus Culinary Institute Externships
Columbus Culinary Institute Externships are offered to culinary students who are enrolled in the Columbus Culinary Institute 18-month culinary arts associate degree program. The externship gives them hands-on experience in kitchen day-to-day operations.

Whether students are pursuing careers in catering, hospitality, food service companies or preparing to be chefs in fine restaurants, the externship will give them an opportunity to put their skills to work and explore career options. They will also make important contacts that could lead them to their dream job.

Externs will increase not only their culinary skills but also learn about employee management, dining room services, nutrition, and safety. The externship experience will give them a well-rounded opportunity to prepare for a culinary career.

Columbus Culinary Institute is located in Columbus, Ohio and offers Associate Degree programs in Culinary Arts. Teaching kitchens offer state-of-the-art equipment and are taught by experienced chef instructors. The program includes education in both cooking and culinary business management instruction.


The location is usually in OHIO.

To apply for an externship, visit:


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