Dentalxp’s Online Implant Externship Certificate Program

Dentalxp’s Online Implant Externship Certificate Program is an advanced teaching program in dentistry. The program is designed to teach surgical and restorative implant dentistry that leads to a certificate.

Students who complete the externship program will receive a Certificate of Completion, and Continuing Education Credit. Externs will receive training in areas that include bone augmentation and grafting, implant prosthetics, soft tissue enhancement, sinus augmentation, and extraction site management.

Externs will also have an opportunity for additional hands-on training through Dentalxp partner training institutes around the globe. Since the program is offered online, student can participate from anywhere in the world and at their own pace.

The externship certificate program is offered in partnership with NYU Dentistry. The program began in 2005 and is a one-year comprehensive fellowship in oral implantology. The program includes 10 sessions with 3 modules each.


The location is VIRTUAL.

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