American Medical International Quality Training

American-Medical-International-Quality-Training-RotationsThe clinical rotations offered by American Medical International Quality Training (AMIQT) are designed to allow international medical students and graduates attending schools outside the United States to be able to function within the U.S. health system by observing the delivery of care first-hand. We offer rotations in various specialties in the Washington, DC area. The AMIQT Observership Program is not intended to fill gaps in clinical knowledge or training; it is meant to familiarize and acculturate an IMG to the practice of medicine in an American clinical setting, and provide an introduction to American Medicine as they will experience it in a hospital-based residency program.

Dr. Peter Bernad, founder of AMIQT is a board-certified neurologist, who is also certified in internal medicine, He has been in practice in the Washington, DC area for the past 35 plus years. He welcomes students to participate in month-long rotations and observerships with him and highly qualified colleagues. If students are interested in multiple specialties, AMIQT can accommodate them.

Student rotations typically last four weeks; longer rotations can be accommodated. During that time, students gain clinical experience in the offices of Dr. Bernad’s private practice. They learn to take histories, assess and diagnose patients, learn about a wide range of neurological diseases and disorders through assisting with and observing patients. They learn about the complex American medical system especially electronic medical records, methods of financing medical care, problems with insurance companies, treatment of indigent patients, cost of medications, medical acronyms, and medical ethics. The students begin in the clinic each morning and make hospital visits as per the preceptor’s schedule, shadowing Dr. Bernad on hospital rounds after they finish in the clinic. Each student is also required to research and give a presentation on a topic of their choice approved by Dr. Bernad.

Through these experiences the students gains an intensive introduction to the field of neurology and American Medicine. The neurology rotation offered through Dr. Bernad is a solid learning experience for the students and a valuable opportunity that allows them to enrich their medical training. Students attend grand rounds at George Washington Hospital, and make rounds at Bridge Point Hospital and Future Care Pine View.

We are able to offer additional experiences in additional specialties with advance notice and planning.

American-Medical-International-Quality-Training-RotationsInternal Medicine
Family Practice/ Internal Medicine
Nephrology / Internal Medicine
Radiology Neurosurgery

The location is usually in WASHINGTON, DC & VIRGINIA.


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