Oakwood Healthcare System Graduate Nurse Externship Program

Oakwood Healthcare System Graduate Nurse Externship Program and Jobs
Oakwood Healthcare System Graduate Nurse Externship Program provides a residency experience for new graduate nurses. The program helps them transition into their professional role as a nurse.

The program provides nurses with a mentor who will support them and help them gain valuable skills that they will need in order to work in a hospital environment. The mentor serves an important role in helping new nurses improve their skill level so they can provide the best possible patient care.

The Nurse Extern Program is offered by Oakwood Healthcare System in the state of Michigan. The program is directed by a Registered Nurse who teaches new nurses how to deliver patient care and increase their clinical, organizational, and critical thinking skills.

Oakwood Healthcare is located in Wayne County, Michigan. The facility serves patients in Dearborn, Canton, Wayne, Trenton, Taylor, Wyandotte and Monroe counties. The healthcare system includes hospitals, emergency rooms, doctors, surgeons, specialists, physicians and clinics serving patients in 35 communities in the Detroit and southeast Michigan area.

The location is usually in MICHIGAN.

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