New Jersey Veterinary Medical Association Externships

New Jersey Veterinary Medical Association Externships and Jobs
New Jersey Veterinary Medical Association (NJVMA) Externships are offered during the summer for veterinary students in New Jersey. The program includes a stipend and externship opportunities for up to ten students each year.

Externs will work with experienced veterinarians and receive supervision as well as training and hands-on experience. Students interested in applying for the program must be in good standing on their clinical rotations. Externs must be sponsored by a NJVMA member veterinarian.

To apply, students must first receive an externship position. They can then apply for the stipend. In addition to an application, students must include a cover letter stating their interest in the position and also a letter of invitation from the sponsor. The top ten most qualified applicants will receive an externship.

The externships are offered by the New Jersey Veterinary Medical Association, located in Hillsboro, New Jersey. Established in 1884, the professional association is dedicated to serving and advancing the veterinary profession in the state of New Jersey.


The location is usually in NEW JERSEY.

To apply for an externship, visit: 

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